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The Buell Conference on the History of Architecture

16-17 April, 2010


This inaugural Buell Conference on the History of Architecture considers emerging directions in scholarly publishing on architecture and related fields within the North American academy. Conceived bibliographically, the conference brings together recent authors on diverse subjects to present new, unpublished work to be discussed in relation to their books and those of their colleagues. Its subject matter encompasses architecture, urbanism, and modernity broadly understood.


Today, publication remains central to maintaining those overlapping spheres in which discourse forms, circulates, is reproduced, and is contested. By inquiring into different modes of history writing, the conference explores interactions between architectural scholarship, interdisciplinary exchange, and shifting discursive contours.


In particular, the conference asks: What kinds of intellectual constellations, if any, are forming in the new scholarship? What are their primary concerns, their premises, and their debates? What role(s) do books play in these formations? At a time when academic publishing is under increased pressure, the conference also affirms the contributions made by such work to defining the parameters of academic inquiry more broadly, and of architecture and urbanism more specifically.




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Conference Schedule


Friday 16 April 2010




Welcome and introductory remarks

Reinhold Martin, Director

Buell Center, Columbia University




Books and Buildings: Obsolescence and Sustainability

Daniel M. Abramson, Tufts University


Space, Information, and the Public Sphere

Richard Wittman, University of California, Santa Barbara

Respondent: Ed Eigen, Princeton University




Desprez’s Linneanum: Classification, Hybridization and the Question of Architectural Order

Erika Naginski, Harvard University

Experiencing Architecture and Embodying Citizenship in the Early Republic


David Serlin, University of California, San Diego

Respondent: Can Bilsel, University of San Diego


Saturday 17 April 2010




Birds of a Feather

Hadas Steiner, University of Buffalo


Arcosanti vs. Onecity

Larry Busbea, University of Arizona

Respondent: Mary Louise Lobsinger, University of Toronto




Building Virtual Cities: 1895-1945

Jennifer S. Light, Northwestern University


What Is a House?

Jonathan Massey, Syracuse University

Respondent: David Smiley, Barnard College




Modern Architecture, Colonialism and Race in Fascist Italy

Brian L. McLaren, University of Washington


Inventing Early Modern Architecture at the Museum of Modern Art

Joanna Merwood-Salisbury, Parsons The New School for Design

Respondent: Claire Zimmerman, University of Michigan




Beyond the Quotidian: Narratives of Modern Architecture and Everyday Life in France

Tom McDonough, Binghamton University


Habitations: On Bodily Habit and Architecture

Aron Vinegar, The Ohio State University

Respondent: Zeynep Çelik Alexander, Columbia University