1999 Buell Dissertation Colloquium

1999 Buell Dissertation Colloquium

15 May 1999

Rosenthal Auditorium, Schermerhorn Hall

Columbia University


A presentation of papers by doctoral candidates from graduate schools across the country based on their dissertation research in areas related to American architecture, landscape, and urbanism, with scholarly commentary and discussion.


Saturday, 15 May 1999





Christina Cogdell, University of Texas, Austin

Owen John Dwyer, University of Kentucky

Stephanie Dyer, University of Pennsylvania

Clifton Ellis, University of Virginia

Marta Gutman, UC Berkeley

D. Bradford Hunt, UC Berkeley

Luc Nedal, Columbia University

Jonathan Massey, Princeton University

Tim Rohan, Harvard University

Felicity Scott, Princeton Universtiy




Kurt Forster, Centre Canadien d'Architecture

Alice Friedman, Wellsley College




Robert Bruegmann, University of Illinois at Chicago

Mary McLeod, Columbia University