2003 Buell Dissertation Colloquium

2003 Buell Dissertation Colloquium

11-12 April 2003

Avery Hall Wood Auditorium, Columbia University


A presentation of papers by doctoral candidates from international graduate schools based on dissertation research in areas related to American architecture, landscape, and urbanism, with scholarly commentary and discussion


Friday, 11 April 2003


6:30 - In Search of Architecture


Robin Middleton, Columbia University


Saturday, 12 April 2003


9:30-9:45 - Introduction


Robert Bruegmann, University of Illinois, Chicago


Mary McLeod, Columbia University


9:45-11:15 - Beaux-Arts Urbanism and its Legacy


Brian Clancy, Rutgers University, "City Hall Goes to the Opera: Philanthropists, Veterans and Municipal Government at the San Francisco War Memorial"


Fernando Diniz Moreira, University of Pennsylvania, "The French Tradition in Brazilian Urbanism: The Urban Remodeling of Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Porto Alegre during the Estado Novo (1937-1945)"


Respondent: Carol McMichael Reese, Tulane University


11:15-2:00 - Domestic Architecture and Social Reform


Victoria Solan, Yale University, "Inner Hygiene: Richard Neutra's Lovell Health House"


Thaisa Way, Cornell University, "Marjorie Sewell Cautley, Designer of Garden City Landscapes, 1924-1937"


Kelly Quinn, University of Maryland, "Making Modern Homes: A History of Langston Terrace, a New Deal housing Program in Washington D.C."


Respondent: Gwendolyn Wright, Columbia University


2:00-3:30 - Perceptions of Working-Class Space


Elaine Lewinnek, Yale University, "Lake and Riverside: Suburbia and Class in Gilded-Age Chicago"


William Littmann, UC Berkley, "The Production of Goodwill: The Factory Tour in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century America"


Respondent: Joseph Bigott, Purdue University


3:30-5:00 - Modernist Art Institutions and Exhibition Space


Nina Stritzler-Levine, City University of New York, "Alfred H. Barr, Jr., and the Departmentalization of Architecture at the Museum of Modern Art, 1929-1933"


Scott Coleman, University of Sydney, "The Performance of Art in the City: Mies van der Rohe's Museum for a Small City and Cullinan Hall"


Respondent: Neil Levine, Harvard University


5:00 - Concluding Discussion


Followed by reception.