2005 Buell Dissertation Colloquium

2005 Buell Dissertation Colloquium

Saturday, 16 April 2005

Avery Hall Wood Auditorium, Columbia University


A presentation of selected papers by candidates from international doctoral programs based of dissertation research in areas related to American architecture, landscape, and urbanism, with scholarly commentary and discussion.




Saturday, 16 April 2005


10:00-10:15 - Opening Remarks


Robin Middleton, Columbia University


Marc Treib, UC Berkley


10:15-1:30 - Transformations of Professional and Educational Institutions


George B. Johnson, Emory University, "Educating Draftsmen: The Manual Training Movement and American Architectural Education"


Lucia Gabriela Santa Ana Lozada, National Autonomous University of Mexico, "Revolution's Institutionalization: Functionalism in Mexican Architecture, 1930-1940"


Avigail Sachs, UC Berkley, "Bringing "Environmental" to Design: The Founding of the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkley"


David Monteyne, University of Minnesota, "Prizewinning Protection: Competitions and Awards for Buildings with Fallout Shelters"


Respondent: Casey Nelson Blake, Columbia University


1:30-3:15 - Technology, Culture, Architecture


Timothy Hyde, Harvard Graduate School of Design, "Point of View: The Mimetic Regionalism of Jose Luis Sert"


Alexandra Lange, New York University, "The Plowmen's Palace: Shaking Off the Rust at Deere & Company"


John Harwood, Columbia University, ""Un-Architecture" Charles Eames and the Computer"


Respondent: Alan Colquhoun, Princeton University


3:15-5:00 - Modernist Ideologies and the Urban Future


David Smiley, Princeton University, "Unpacking the Superblock"


Jeannie Kim, Princeton University, "C.A. Doxiadis and the Global Inevitable Future"


Filip Geerts, Delft University of Technology, "Airplane, Airport, City, Territory - or the Question: Where to Land?"


5:00 - Concluding Discussion


Followed by reception.