Symposium: Hispanic Influences on American Architecture

Symposium: Hispanic Influences on American Architecture

20 May 1988


Director Committee: 

Susana Torre, Columbia University

George Collins, Columbia University

Angela Giral, Columbia University

George Kubler, Yale University




Gutierrez, "Indian Recussiones in Colonial Urbanism: Cultural Integration and Survivals"


S. D. Markman, "Pueblos de Espanoles in the Rieno de Guatmala: Processes of Transformation from de jure Abstractions to de facto Realities"


Graziano Gasparini​, "Religious Hispanic-American Architecture: Provincial, Popular and "American" Factors"


German Tellez​, "Spanish Culture and Technology in the Architecture of New Granada"


David Geband, Title not indicated


Marina Waisman, "The Hispanic Presence in Argentine Architecture: Myth and Reality"


Enrique X. de Anda Alanis​, "Colonial Art As Architectural Inspiration After the Triumph of the Mexican Revolution"


Charles Moore, Title not indicated


Jorge Rigau​, "Spanish Revival As Spanish Denial: 1920's Architecture in Puerto Rico from a Caribbean perspective"


Miguel Rojas-Mix, "The Idea of the Other in Colonial Urbanism"


Robert Segre​, "Three Historic Stages of Hispanic Tradition: Nostalgia, Renovation and Cultural Identity in 20th Century Cuban Architecture"