Housing without Developers? India and America

Housing without Developers? India and America

A Public Workshop, Conversation, and Reception

Saturday, March 23, 2013, Studio X Mumbai

"Housing without Developers? India and America" addressed the interaction of architecture, housing policy, dispossession, and social equity, by comparing ongoing developments in the Indian and American contexts. With an eye to comparing examples and mixing references across borders, "Housing without Developers?" brought together a number of India-based practitioners, activists, artists, and scholars to explore critically both context-specific and transnational aspects of the contemporary housing system. The workshop challenged the seeming inevitability of market-based solutions to problems that are themselves closely associated with the privatization of housing markets. Overall, Buell's aim with such events is to change the international conversation around housing, urban policy, architecture, and cities in a manner that does not take privatization for granted. The workship was held in conjunction with the exhibition, What Is Foreclosed?, which was exhibited at Studio X Mumbai from March 22 through April 20, 2013.


Morning Session:

Reinhold Martin, Buell Center, GSAPP

Sheela Patel, SPARC

Raahul Srivastava and Matias Echanove, URBZ

Javed Iqbal, Photojournalist

Sandeep Yeole, Bhoomi


Afternoon Session:

Neera Adarkar, Academy of Architecture, Rachana Sansad

Himanshu Burte, TATA Institute of Social Sciences

Kamu Iyer, Architect Combine

Aneerudha Paul and Prasad Shetty, CRIT



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