Further Discussions

Further Discussions


Pamphlet Discussion and Launch

October 2009, Avery Hall Cafe, Columbia University


A panel discussion on the Buell Center’s recently released pamphlet on public housing.


Panelists: Clara Irazabal, Robert Beauragard, Michael Bell, Mabel Wilson, moderated by Reinhold Martin




Public Housing: A New Conversation Panel at the ACSA Annual Conference

March 2010, New Orleans, LA


A panel asking educators to consider the terms under which the past and future of public housing are currently discussed in the United States. Revisiting the assumptions, and stigmas attached to the complex legacies of public housing in this country, the panel contemplates ways of approaching the issue in a design curriculum.


Panelists: Michael Bell, Columbia GSAPP, Dana Cuff, CityLAB, University of California, Reinhold Martin, Buell Center Director




Buell Center Director Reinhold Martin on GRITtv with Laura Flanders 

December 2009






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