Design by Morcos Key

This year, the Buell Center continues and concludes its series of “Conversations on Architecture and Land in and out of the Americas” which began in Winter 2021. The theme of land, and the plural, Americas, is meant to help expand the Center’s mission in two ways: first, by situating US building practices comparatively in hemispheric relation with the rest of the continent; and second, by suggesting that there are several Americas within the United States. This Fall, we will host speakers who turn our attention to architecture’s role in the political economy of land. 

In celebration of the Buell’s 40th Anniversary and its participation in the 5th Annual Chicago Architecture Biennial, events will be held in various locations throughout New York City and Chicago. All events will be held in person and on Zoom, as well as live-streamed to GSAPP’s YouTube channel here. Please email [email protected] to RSVP or register for the Zoom link on the event's page.